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    Winter tires, also known as snow tires provide enhanced traction during some of the tough winter weather conditions including snow, ice and freezing rain, as well as snow. Begin your search for winter tires here. If you’re searching for tires in other categories of tire, use our Tire Finder to easily identify the perfect tire for your car.

    What Are Snow Tires & How Do They Work?

    Winter tires are developed to give better traction in colder conditions. If you frequently drive through the harsh winter weather, winter tires might be the right choice for you. Here are some quick and valuable information that will assist you in making an informed choice. Once you plan for to find out extra information on tires, you must check out the post right here site.

    Tread Compound & Design

    The majority of winter tires have specialized tread compounds and advanced tread designs that improve traction and stopping distance. Winter tires have a higher performance than all-season tires by up to 20 percent in tests of braking performance. In winter conditions tests, winter tires stopped at 28 feet faster than cars equipped that have all-season tires. Winter tires are more suited for harsher winter conditions and provide more traction and handling. The tread compound is maintained in its flexible nature, which provides greater grip on snow and ice. Find out more about the differentiators between Winter and All-Season tires.

    Road Conditions

    In addition to the harsh winter weather, if encounter a lot of hills or sharp corners in your region You may want the winter-ready traction and control of winter tires. Winter tires are able to aid you to overcome obstacles like unplowed snow, slush, or ice.

    Weather Conditions

    Many people wonder how harsh the conditions must be in order to get winter tires. Winter tires are a good option if the temperatures drop below 45F/7.2C or if you need to drive in wintery conditions. Although all-season tires may provide some grip in wet or snowy conditions, there is no doubt about the increased grip and traction that winter tires provide to help make for a safer and comfortable driving winter experience.


    When looking for tires be aware that your vehicle’s starting, stopping and turning abilities ultimately boil down to the amount of traction your tires provide on snowy or icy roads.

    Winter and Snow Tires

    The winter tires are a smart economic decision that will cost you less in the long run. One important aspect to consider into your winter tire price is the amount they’ll help you save on the event of a replacement for your summer tires. Using snow tires prevents your summer and all-season tires from wearing out as fast and protects them from the brutal winter elements. Learn more about winter tires, and begin your search for winter tires.

    Winter Tire Care

    When is it time to put on winter tires

    Mounting your winter tires should be done before severe weather hits and you’re left in the dark. When temperatures drop consistently below 45F/7.2C, it is time to install your vehicle’s winter tires.

    When is the best time to remove winter Tires

    Your tires should be kept in your car until driving conditions improve and temperatures rise above 45F/7.2C. Replace them with summer or all-season tires.

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