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    The album cover will be the first thing potential buyers see when searching for CD’s both online and in traditional stores. Below are a few methods for designing an album cover that appeals.

    Your band name should be noticeable. If the readers can’t view your band name in a flash, your album cover won’t strengthen your sales.

    Ensure it is striking. Keep in mind your CD is going to be located on the shelf among a number of other discs, also it should be eye-catching.

    Avoid being scared of “white space.” The human being brain could get overloaded with an excessive amount of detail and image. White space enables the brain to target more on the photographs which can be there.

    Choose artwork that reflects your music. If you play rock, you’d hardly want the kind of genteel, elegant artwork you typically see over a classical music cover.

    Don’t enlarge images. It’s fine to shrink images to suit, however if you simply enlarge, you will probably be confronted with bad image quality.

    Be cautious about copyright. You can swipe images off of the Internet to utilize on your album cover. However if you get it done without getting permission from the owner of that image, you can wind up in legal trouble later.

    Get feedback. When you can, show many different design the possiblility to fans, friends, and family.

    The album cover is a lot more important than you’d think. Put some planning and investment into the covers, and it is more likely to produce a positive improvement in your album sales.

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